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  • It's always nice to know that great products are greatly established!
    Snapir is an established and experienced company that has been operating in the market for more than 18 years, providing service and solutions to a diverse range of customers of various sizes – from large scale projects in the public and business sectors to customized personal solutions for private customers.
    In the various departments, the company employs about 50 workers characterized by extensive experience and a desire to provide the finest, most professional service. The company's departments include: technical solution consultants and design consultants, expert surveyors (measurers), a cutting edge manufacturing plant, painting department, product development and design department, service and installation teams, and a 24 hour a day customer service department.   
    In the private sector – Snapir boasts thousands of satisfied customers from all over the country for whom Snapir products have become an integral part of their living space, while addressing the individual needs and preferences of each customer.
    In the institutional market – Snapir executes projects for a wide range of customers, hotels, malls, public institutions, residential neighborhoods, municipalities and more.
    Snapir's Aluminum Revolution
    Aluminum is a strong and rigid material, yet it is extremely light weight. This metal is very durable and can withstand all weather conditions over time: aluminum does not oxidize and therefore, unlike other metals, is resistant to corrosion (this is an especially important in local Israeli climate, characterized by its high humidity and salinity, and ranging from scorching sun to cold and rain).   
    Stylishly designed gates, banisters and fences made of aluminum
    Snapir's catalogue of products includes entry gates, parking gates, electronic gates, remote control operates electronic gates, sliding gates on tracks, winged gates, gates for roofed parking garage, fences, walls, glass fences, fences for swimming pools, garden fences and fences for public areas. Products also include all types of balcony banisters, banisters for swimming pools, and removable swimming pool banisters. 
    A huge variety of models, designs and winning combinations!
    A huge variety of shapes and patterns, colors and designs, as well as combinations of additional materials such as glass and wood. The numerous combinations ensure that each and every customer will find a design exactly to his or her taste, and will receive a perfect, high-quality product. At Snapir, we never compromise on quality, and we guarantee our customers a high quality finish and perfect color coating over time, and a sense of satisfaction and pleasure for many years. We are confident in our products, in the quality of our materials and in the perfection of the electrostatic coating. 
    Personal accompaniment and speedy and professional service!
    Snapir company operates an efficient, accessible and professional service and warrantee center. We ensure the efficiency of our service through meticulous quality control of production and installation conducted by our mobile service personnel, that provide services at the customer's home. Every customer is important to us, and therefore we uphold the high standards of our products and supporting services.
    Professionalism, experience, creative solutions and exclusive products!
    The gates, fences and banisters production lines in our plant are comprised of several production stations managed by experienced professionals that conduct strict quality control throughout the process. Production is based on the newest equipment, ensuring a high quality product and high level of finish. The plant also has a development department engaged in developing new products and improving production processes, to address needs arising from the field as well as to satisfy market demands. Snapir's development department includes drafts-people that are at the disposal of private customers, architects or designers. 
    International trends and innovations versus retro, minimalism and ethnic design!
    At Snapir we always keep up to date with the newest global trends and innovations, and with contemporary developments. Snapir company collaborates with the leading architects and designers specializing in the field in Israel, who make it possible to realize nearly any design dream. At your service is an Architects liaison who accompanies every project and provides professional consulting services.
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