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  • Snapir is an established and experienced company working in constant collaboration with architects, designers, contractors and supervisors. Professionals have very strict technical requirements and numerous needs, sometimes unexpected, that arise during the work process. When planning a house, yard or public space, an architect or designer sometimes faces various problems; often, solutions that are not standard, that are creative and customized, are necessary in order to meet unusual customer demands and resolve problematic situations.

    Architects liaison
    At your service is our Architects liaison who accompanies every project and provides professional consulting services.
    Professionalism, experience, creative solutions and exclusive products
    Snapir is a company with more than 18 years of experience that serves and provides solutions to customers of all sizes – from large scale public and business sector projects to customized solutions and sale to private customers.
    Development department
    The plant's development department is engaged in developing new products and improving production processes, in order to address needs arising from the field and satisfy market demands. Snapir's development department includes drafts-people at the disposal of private customers, architects or designers, who produce computer simulations for these professionals.
    The result is indisputable: we at Snapir company provide you with a standard that is high above all the rest. At Snapir you'll receive the finest tools and a professional solution suitable for each stage, thanks to our flexible production and high-level technical capabilities, our unique and exclusive products, our design diversity and our advanced computer design capabilities.
    Schedule an introductory meeting with Snapir's  Architects liaison to set out on a path of fruitful professional collaboration.

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