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  • We at Snapir believe that fences, gates, banisters and railings are more than just safety accessories. As we see it, a good product is a combination of art and craft: in addition to being strong and efficient, our aluminum products are visually appealing design creations, with a wide selection and options, contributing to making your home a more esthetic and attractive.

    A huge variety of models, designs and winning combinations!
    The fence, gate or banister you select will stay with you for years and will become part of the landscape of your life. Therefore, it is important that the product not only be of high quality and the solution to a practical need, but must also suit your design style and personal preferences so as to blend into your home environment.
    Snapir's diverse catalogue includes nearly all styles – a huge variety of shapes and patterns, colors and designs, as well as integration of other materials such as glass and wood. The numerous possible combinations ensure that each and every customer will find a design exactly to his or her taste, and will receive a perfect, high-quality product.
    International trends and innovations versus retro, minimalism and ethnic design!
    At Snapir we always keep up to date with the newest global trends and innovations, and with contemporary developments. The result is evident in the diverse assortment of styles in our catalogue: alongside classic, European designs and retro influences, you'll find many modern designs – from clean minimalistic lines to ethnic and oriental styles, as well as distinguishable styles such as Art Deco. There are "clean" plates alongside complex patterns, a variety of different shapes and profiles in which wood and glass can be incorporated in your favorite color, as well as unique and exclusive products, speaking an innovative design language, which are also on offer in the Snapir catalogue.
    The wonderful combination of aluminum's properties and the wide selection leads to amazingly beautiful results. All castings are decorative and designed by the finest designers. The patterns are attached using special connectors that create a product of the highest quality. You will enjoy a product with a distinctive and special design that does not require special upkeep (no painting or corrosion prevention treatment), and integrates seamlessly into the esthetic environment of the home or yard.
    You can find some of the designs and samples, with all the combinations of materials and colors, in the Snapir catalogue page of our website. The website includes a catalogue of selected models and items produced, imported and distributed by Snapir– Aluminum Casting company.