Electrical gate models

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  • In recent years, you see them everywhere. They offer a very luxurious and distinctive look, as well as the extra security required in various locations. Electronic gates of various types are a perfect solution when you seek maximal security and advanced technology, coupled with stylish and distinctive design. They can be operated using several different techniques, and can be tailored to suit any space and site. There are electronic gates suitable for private homes, others for large public parking lots, and still others suitable for malls or residential buildings.

    About the different gate types now available
    Electronic gates are available in a variety of types and styles. There are gates designed as entryways into houses, gates designed especially for parking garages, there are electronic gates that can be activated using a remote control, an intercom, manually, via a cell phone, and more. Since they incorporate extremely advanced technologies, and meet very high quality standards, these gates are an excellent, extremely efficient and very specific solution. Some gates are installed next to various design elements such as wood and glass, some offer a simple look, while others are eye-catching and lavish.
  • At Snapir company you can choose from a wide range of electronic gates, designed in a variety of different styles and using various operating methods. Here are some important points to take into consideration before you choose a gate:
    • What do you need - the most important parameter that you should consider before you choose a gate is what you require. Since there are different types of electronic gates, suitable for different needs, it is important to find the most suitable gate. If you need a gate for a private parking garage, you can choose a smaller electronic gate, while a large public parking lot requires a massive and extra strong gate.
    • Style and design - the style and design of the gate is also of great importance, especially as they should blend into their surroundings. We recommend that you examine several styles, with attention to color, elements incorporated in the model, etc.
    • How much does it cost - note the different prices. There are currently electronic gates that are considered very inexpensive, as well as others that are much more expensive. If you wish to purchase a high quality, strong gate that will operate simply and reliably, you should be aware that it will be much more expensive than the simple models. However, the wide price range will enable you to find the best solution based on your personal budget.
    • Warranty - the warranty provided when you purchase and install a gate is very important. Make sure that the gate is covered by a warranty that includes all the relevant parameters and offers the required coverage.

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