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  • Snapir - Aluminum Designed Fences - Electronic Gates

    It seems that the gate and fence were built into the home or yard together, and it is impossible to separate them.
    A glance at Snapir company's catalogue of gates and fences will reveal that this is in fact a contradiction in terms; the gate – enabling entry into the space, and the fence – setting the borders and emphasizing that entry is only possible through the gate. The two are connected in perfect harmony and present true functionality, like one united family. 

    As befitting members of a family, with the same design style, most of the fences and gates "speak" the same or similar design language, and integrate into the surroundings in which they are installed.
    The variety of fences offered by Snapir company includes fences for yards, fences surrounding pools, fences for gardens and for public area.
    The fences are made of aluminum and can incorporate additional materials, such as glass, wood, stone and other natural materials that blend in well with the surroundings

    Every fence has two faces or sides – interior and exterior. Snapir company gives special attention to these two faces so that everyone looking at the fence, from any side, will enjoy its design, style and quality.
    Snapir fences are also distinctive since they do not "imprison" people behind them. The fences do indeed provide a sense of privacy and security, but they do not block the feeling of space and expanse. Because they are made of aluminum, their maintenance is simple and easy. Climatic conditions, including humidity, heat, rain or sun, do not cause them any harm.
    The diverse design possibilities enable each customer to choose his or her favorite fence.
    The company's consultants provide consulting services and offer creative solutions for every project during its infrastructure preparation phase. 

    We recommend that attention be paid to advance planning of the fence, infrastructure and development during the construction stage, so that selection of the fence and its installation will be easy and efficient. It is important to choose a model that will blend in well with the fence's surroundings. In some cases, this is a yard with various objects which should be taken into consideration.
    When selecting a fence, we recommend that a meeting be scheduled between the interior designer / architect / contractor and the fence designer. The dialogue between them will result in the perfect solution. Your tastes, needs and dreams are also very important, so share all these considerations with your designer and invite him to visit the house in which the fence will be constructed. Pay special attention to the selection of the accessories and fixtures.
    Snapir's fences catalogue includes fences, wall fences, glass fences, swimming pool fences, garden fences and public space fences. We offer a huge assortment of shapes and patterns, colors and designs, as well as integration of other materials such as glass and wood. The numerous combinations ensure that each and every customer will find a design exactly to his or her taste, and will receive a perfect, high-quality product. Snapir's fence models are customized to both the design and practical concept of the space and surroundings, and suit the entry gate and garage gates.