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  • Snapir – stylish aluminum swimming pool banisters

    Snapir's catalogue of swimming pool banisters includes a huge variety of shapes and patterns, colors and designs, as well as combinations of glass with aluminum profiles. The numerous possible combinations ensure that every customer will find a design perfectly suited to his or her taste, and will receive a perfect, high-quality product.
    Snapir's swimming pool banister models are suited to the architectural concept of the area in which the pool is located. Snapir's swimming pool banisters comply with safety standards and are durable for many years, without requiring ongoing maintenance.
    Removable swimming pool banisters
    Many swimming pool banister models can be installed and removed according to need, with the banister being easy to pull out due to the light weight of the aluminum that means that anyone can easily assemble, disassemble and store the banisters. These banisters are composed of pull-out poles, with the banister body being attached to them.