Work Process

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  • At the initial stage, the company's consultant visits the customer's home, assists the customer and together they arrive at the finest solution – according to the customer's needs, existing ground conditions and personal design preferences. At this meeting, a decision is made about the opening method for the gate, fence or banister, based on manual sketches for illustrative purposes. The customer views the presentation that includes a huge variety of models and examples of projects executed by the company.

    Measuring the site, preparing the infrastructure and guidance!
    Next, a certified surveyor sent by the company visits the house. His role is to verify, in conjunction with the customer (and using advanced electronic equipment) the feasibility of actual implementation of the plan devised with the salesperson. This stage includes inspection of the site, as well as construction of pillars in preparation for installation (if necessary). The customer also receives guidance relating to electrical preparations according to the design data.
    Manufacturing, painting and final quality control!
    After the site is measured, the next stage is to send the design to the manufacturing department for production according to the architectural plan. At the plant, and based on technical designs, the following stages are executes: cutting of plates, welding of profiles, polishing, preparations for painting, painting in an oven based on the electrostatic coating method. Strict quality control is implemented throughout all the production stages at the plant. At the end of production, a final finish control inspection is conducted.
    Here we come – Installation!
    Now, all that remains is to coordinate installation with the customer – and to execute installation as soon as possible.