• Electrical gates

      Gates catalog of "Snapir" including gates, parking gates, electrical gates, gates trailers on rail, aluminum gates and more!
    • Fences

      Snapir's fences catalogue includes fences, wall fences, glass fences, swimming pool fences, garden fences and public space fences

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    • Glass banisters

      Innovative design of glass and aluminum.
      "Snapir" manufactures Stair banisters, balconies and a pool.


    Manufacturing and design of a variety of electronic gates, fences and banisters made of aluminum
    The advanced solutions currently available enable each and every one of us to find the most suitable solution - a precise, distinctive and superior solution. We at Snapir company offer you high quality solutions and an opportunity to enjoy products that meet ultra-high standards. The company supplies a wide range of different products in the field of gates and banisters, made of top, high-quality materials, providing the perfect solutions for both private customers and large business clients.

    When shopping for various aluminum products, such as electronic gate, fences or banisters, it is important to choose the very best in order to enjoy the advantages of these products. Advanced technology integrates leading solutions into every electronic gate, ensuring that the gate is suitable for both private needs and the needs of large businesses. The combination of ultra-sophisticated equipment and beautiful design enables a perfect fit for any landscape or space. In the past, we could choose from among simple gates and banisters, both in appearance and in technical functionality, but nowadays the possibilities are numerous and the solutions are much more effective.

    Combination of high quality and impressive designs
    Snapir company offers various types of aluminum products. Our products include fences suitable for private residences, swimming pools or even beautiful gardens, electronic gates with a variety of closing methods and thus suitable for a wide range of needs, as well as decorative and stylish banisters, and the Paz glass banister series – sleek glass banisters with aluminum profiles that create a unique and luxurious façade.
    The combination of high quality and striking designs in these aluminum products creates a very aesthetic appearance that enhances every space, making it something special!

    Finding the perfect fit for the customer's needs and the specific space
    The wide range of products enables customers to enjoy a precise solution, even if the conditions on the ground may be difficult. Thanks to the technology and creative solutions currently available, it is possible to adjust every electronic gate, every fence and every banister to the space‘s exact requirements. Use of electronic gates is simple and easy, with a choice of operating methods.
    This is an amazing opportunity to combine advanced technology, creativity with a very impressive and prestigious appearance, all perfectly suited for every site, every space and most importantly – every need.